Participants Joining the World of Animal Rescue

At Compassion Connect, we provide an inclusive program for individuals with disabilities centred around animal care.

What We Do

At Compassion Connect, we offer an inclusive animal care program for people with disabilities at a Brisbane-based animal rescue sanctuary. Our program focuses on animal rescue and rehabilitation, providing participants with work experience, transferable skills, and the opportunity to build mental and developmental skills while fostering independence, confidence, and new friendships. As part of the DRU team, participants connect with animals in a fun, interactive, and educational way, working towards their goals and gaining valuable work experience.

Our Programs

Our programs include hands-on interaction and care by touch, brushing, nurturing and cleaning and getting experience with animal care,  gaining welfare knowledge, responsibilities and following tasks and caring for a variety of animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, birds, cows, goats and sheep.   Participants will then be responsible for preparing feeds with our staff following a food menu set out.

Each session also includes a variety of building / creating enrichment toys/stimulants / treats to give to the animals every session.

Hands on Animal Care

Our mission is to improve the well-being of animals through a hands-on approach, ensuring they receive the love, attention, and medical assistance they require.

Creating Animal Enrichments

As a participant in the program, you will have the exciting opportunity to design and construct a variety of enrichment toys, stimulants, and treats for the animals in our care. Enrichment plays a vital role in promoting the physical and mental well-being of animals, and your creativity will contribute to their overall happiness

Feed Prep

Our Feed Prep program offers participants a unique opportunity to learn about animal nutrition and take an active role in preparing feeds for our diverse range of animals.

Shelter Maintenance

Our program focuses on the essential task of ensuring a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for the animals in our care.

Reach Your Goals

  • Social & community participation
  • Transferable skills
  • Improve mental & development abilities
  • Fun, interactive and educational
  • Assistance with daily life
  • Sensory & social skills
  • Independence & confidence
  • Work experience joining the rescue team

Working With Our Animals

Animal based programs have been proven over time to be one of the most successful and rewarding programs.  What makes us special and different to others, is we operate through fully operating rescue saving animals with all type of conditions and needs at a beautiful sanctuary where animals and people can help heal and grow together, giving an even bigger and better purpose for all participants and for them to feel the rewards of helping rescue and caring for animals. 


Attention and affection for our cats and kittens is very important. Lets go play and meet all our kittens and cats.


Educate them on appropriate behaviour around dogs and how to approach and behave around dogs. Teaching reading dog communication and safe interactions


Animal enrichment creation time, we love giving our participants the opportunity to do activities in making the sheep something to play with or to eat


Collect eggs and gather them in baskets – prepare eggs to feed back to chickens and explaining the importance of chickens.


Animal enrichment creation time, we love giving our participants the opportunity to do activities in making the goats something to play with or to eat


Our cows love being fed, get up and close to our cows at the fence line  

How to use your NDIS funding

How to use your NDIS funding at compassion connect: 
Our programs are funded under both core support and capacity building support budgets in your NDIS plan ( self managed or planned managed ) 


  • Assistance with social and community participation 


  • Increased social & community participation
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved daily living 

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